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Experienced IoT Platform Software Lead to join our team

13 April 2017 Jobs

Amer Sports Sports Tracker

Do you want to influence the way people live an active and adventurous life? How about building software that impacts the way millions of people around the world experience basketball, trail running, downhill skiing and other sports? Join our sports-loving community to build the best active lifestyle and adventure products that money can buy. You will get to work with awesome global consumer brands such as Salomon Atomic, Wilson, Suunto, Sports Tracker, Arc’teryx, Enve and Mavic. […]


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What is Ski Touring?

5 April 2017 Community, Tips

Ski touring to the sky

“Earn you turns!” Photo: Niko Pettersson

That’s the mantra of the growing number of backcountry skiers who get just as jacked up about going up the hill as they do skiing down.

But hold on a minute. Why sweat your way uphill when there are plenty of ski resorts around the world who will happily take your money to ferry you up the hill in a mind-boggling variety of people-moving technology from cable cars and gondolas to chair lifts to t-bars and rope tows? […]


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Skiers will love this awesome new Sports Tracker feature!

20 March 2017 Community, Tips


When it comes to getting outside during the winter there is nothing quite as fun as skiing. And if one of your primary goals is to get a good workout and burn a few calories then it’s important to understand that not every day on the hill is created equal. That’s why Sports Tracker’s latest new feature is such a diamond. […]


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7 wonderful ways commuting can make you fitter

15 March 2017 Community, Tips

How much time do you waste on your daily commute? For many of us, getting to and from work is not only a huge waste of time, but it’s bad for our bodies and bad for the planet. […]


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4 cool ways you can use Sports Tracker’s new Skiing feature

1 February 2017 Releases, Tips


New year, new features! The all new Skiing feature for Android has arrived, just in time for a little winter slopes action. Read on to find out 4 awesome ways it can help make 2017 your fittest and fastest year ever. […]


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How to make the most of Night Mode and other nighttime running tips

13 January 2017 Releases, Tips

Night running

Depending on where you live in this world, there’s a good chance that night runs are a necessity if you want to train year round. Shorter days, hot weather, and busy schedules can make it difficult to get in that oh-so-satisfying run time. Or maybe you simply prefer the peace and quiet of a nighttime run. With fewer distractions and a route to yourself, it can be pure bliss for many runners.

Released in the latest iOS update, our newest feature Night Mode will help make your night runs smoother and better than ever. The black background is designed to be easy on the eyes during nighttime exercising, so that you can check your stats without the headaches. Your phone, however, isn’t the only thing you need to remember on night runs. Read on to discover our top tips for night running, so that you can not only be fit, but safe too.




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In numbers: How Sports Tracker kept the world fitter in 2016

30 December 2016 Community, User stories


It’s fair to say 2016 has been a year to remember for many reasons. For us, here at Sports Tracker, we’ve been blown away by our community’s ever-increasing passion for staying fitter and healthier. That’s one reason we’ve launched the brand-new Sports Tracker app. To celebrate this, and to give you an insight into the amazing ways you guys have rocked 2016, we thought it would be cool to share some facts and figures about your Sports Tracker year.

So, let’s see what you’ve been up to!



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Super sevens: How to run a 7 minute mile in 7 months

14 December 2016 Community, Tips


Running is a fantastic sport for many reasons. Not only is it practically free but it’s one of the easiest high calorie burning sports to get into. What’s more, it reduces your risk of many common ailments, such as obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and in later life, strokes. Add to that the fact it boosts your mood, and it’s easy to see why more and more people are hitting the road. Yet, as with any sport, it’s great to have goals. One that’s obtainable for everyone is running a seven-minute mile. To help you reach this milestone, we’ve put together some top tips that’ll get you there in seven months or less.



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6 super reasons why running groups rock

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2 December 2016 Community


The Small World Theory shows we are connected by, on average, about 6 degrees of separation. That means me, you, Harrison Ford, the Queen of England, and the girl at the corner store in your home town all, on average, are all less than six interpersonal connections away. It should come as no surprise then to discover we yearn for company and approval – in fact, we’d lose our minds without companions. We work and live with others, so it’s only expected that exercise should be more enjoyable together, too. Don’t believe us? Here are six super reasons why a buddy system will help you get in shape and stay in shape.



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8 wonderful ways Sports Tracker’s new features will help you train better

23 November 2016 Community

The new Sports Tracker for iOS and Android, set to arrive in early 2017, is gearing up to make it easier than ever to get fit. We have a ton of improvements on the way – here’s how they’re going to help you train better and get more out of your workouts.

1. A cleaner look for clearer stats

A sports app shouldn’t get in the way of your workouts, which is exactly why we’ve redesigned the look and feel of the new Sports Tracker. Stats are easier to follow, analysis tools are easier to use, and all of your vital information is easier to access. This way, staying on top of your progress is clear and simple, letting you focus your attention on what matters most – getting fit.




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