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Onnea 100-vuotias Suomi!

5 December 2017 Competitions



Juhlapäivän kunniaksi jaamme yhden Suunto Spartan Sport Black kellon (arvo 449€) upeimmalle Sports Trackeristä jaetulle ja itsenäisyyspäivänä träkätylle harjoitukselle! Muista käyttää tägiä #sportstracker jakaessasi harjoitusta sosiaaliseen mediaan. Keskiviikon 6.12 aikana jaetut harjoitukset osallistuvat kampanjaan. […]


How Esa from Finland lost 50 kilograms with the help of Sports Tracker

17 October 2017 Community, User stories


Read how Sports Tracker can be as natural part of weight loss as a diet or working out. It can be your companion that motivates you on daily basis and pushes you towards your goals.



Sports Tracker & World Heart Day

28 September 2017 Community, Competitions, Heart Rate Training, Releases

Working out is one of the best ways to take care of the most important piece of your body – the heart. This Friday is the World Heart Day and to celebrate this Sports Tracker organizes a competition. To join the competition share a workout on Instagram or Twitter using #STHeartDay during Friday 29th of September – Sunday 1st of October 2017. […]


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How to Use Ghost Target on Sports Tracker

7 July 2017 Android, Tips

Keep evolving your workouts with Sports Tracker Ghost Target feature

Whether you’re a biker or a runner, training with a partner is a great way to improve your speed.  But finding a compatible partner whose schedule matches yours is not always an option. Luckily, the problem solvers over at Sports Tracker have created Ghost Target as a solution. The way it works is that Sports Tracker enables you to compare your effort, in real time, against the effort you previously made on the same route. […]


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Sports Tracker’s Guide for Runners: How To Train With a Heart Rate Monitor

22 June 2017 Accessories, Android, Heart Rate Training, iPhone, Tips, User stories


We all know that effective training equals increased performance but unless you’re working with a personal trainer it can be difficult to understand how to tailor that concept to the needs of the individual. Runners come in a variety of shapes and sizes with a range of fitness levels, goals and motivations and as a result, we all have different and often quite specific requirements. […]


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How to Plan and Follow a Route on Sports Tracker

13 June 2017 Android, Tips, User stories, Web Service


How To Plan a Route on Sports Tracker

In running, biking, and life in general, when you have a goal in mind it really helps to have a plan on how to get there.

Planning a route on Sports Tracker for either a specific distance or duration is one of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of any workout, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar location. […]


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Three Ways Sports Tracker Can Maximize Your Marathon Training

10 May 2017 Android, Releases, Tips, User stories, Web Service


Training for a marathon can be an intimidating project. By using the Sports Tracker app as a training aid before, during and after your training runs not only will your speed and efficiency increase but the whole experience can turn into a fun challenge that you’ll look forward to each week.  […]


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Five Of The Best Mountain Running Destinations

27 April 2017 Community, Tips


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, you’ll have noticed that hills all around the world are increasingly becoming alive with the sound of runners.

As more and more of us head up high in pursuit of adventure, wilderness, increased fitness and respite from overloaded daily routines, the sport of mountain running has become more popular than ever before.

From Alpine summits to Scottish skylines, from Rocky Mountain ridges to Lakeland fells, the vertical environment offers infinite possibilities for the adventurous runner looking to discover new trails and explore life-affirming landscapes by human power alone.

If you’re looking to go farther, faster and higher this summer then these iconic trail running destinations are sure to get your heart pumping.

Here are five of the most beautiful, challenging, and rewarding places to go trail running on the planet. […]


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Experienced IoT Platform Software Lead to join our team

13 April 2017 Jobs

Amer Sports Sports Tracker

Do you want to influence the way people live an active and adventurous life? How about building software that impacts the way millions of people around the world experience basketball, trail running, downhill skiing and other sports? Join our sports-loving community to build the best active lifestyle and adventure products that money can buy. You will get to work with awesome global consumer brands such as Salomon Atomic, Wilson, Suunto, Sports Tracker, Arc’teryx, Enve and Mavic. […]


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What is Ski Touring?

5 April 2017 Community, Tips

Ski touring to the sky

“Earn you turns!” Photo: Niko Pettersson

That’s the mantra of the growing number of backcountry skiers who get just as jacked up about going up the hill as they do skiing down.

But hold on a minute. Why sweat your way uphill when there are plenty of ski resorts around the world who will happily take your money to ferry you up the hill in a mind-boggling variety of people-moving technology from cable cars and gondolas to chair lifts to t-bars and rope tows? […]


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