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Invitation to participate in Sports Tracker WP 8 beta testing

5 December 2013 Releases, Windows Phone 43 Comments

So the day is finally here, we’re getting close to the Sports Tracker Windows Phone 8 app release! To finalize the app and to test it we’d like to invite you to sign up for beta testing.

Here’s how you sign up:

  1. Carefully consider if you really can test the application and provide valuable and detailed feedback and bug reports. Please note that this is not an early access preview. It is a real Beta and we expect every tester to chip in and report possible bugs and feedback.
  2. If you feel that you’re up for it please sign up here. UPDATE: Sign up has ended. Thank you to all of you who showed interest! We got a lot of interest in the beta, so unfortunately we can’t select everyone.
  3. All selected testers will be notified via email by December 13th.

The Sports Tracker WP8 app will support heart rate monitoring (Bluetooth 2.0), so if you have our Sports Tarcker hrm1 or hrm2, we’re extra happy to have you as a beta tester!

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


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43 Responses on “Invitation to participate in Sports Tracker WP 8 beta testing”

  1. Toivo says:

    Pyytäisin lisäämään tuet muillekin sykemittareille, nimittäin Zephyrin HxM:lle. Mielelläni maksan vaikka “pro” versiosta jos tuommoinen tuki löytyy.

  2. Herman says:

    I would like to be a beta tester.
    No problem at all. I do that at work all day…

  3. Yaro11 says:

    Zmieniłem telefon z Nokia N8, który świetnie współpracował z Polar HRM BT na Lumie i dziś zdziwienie … nie działa. Już nie mogę się doczekać aktualizacji.

  4. Mauro Maffei says:

    sono un vostro vecchio appassionato; prima avevo un Nokia Symbian ed era bellissimo, ora ho Nokia WP, ma sono molto deluso; ho visto con piacere che state facendo degli aggiornamenti e sarei felice di poterlo testare

  5. Kepa says:

    Bought already 3 Sports-Trackers HR units so far.
    Just received Lumia 1020 yesterday and noticed – NO HR. Hope you get WP HR version up and running soon.

    If still need feedback I have used HRM2+Old Polar units Belt with iPhone4. More accurate than S-Ts own belt.

  6. Rich May says:

    Drat – I missed this blog post. As a regular user of Sports Tracker – and having asked about any WP8 updates on a few occasions over previous months – is it possible to get added onto the beta testing? Many thanks

    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Sorry, but we got so many requests we couldn’t even choose everyone who signed up:(. Thanks for the interest though.

    • Garry says:

      Me too Rich. I followed the links and entered details but there was no email back. I just thought I’d got my password wrong since I often login via FB. I hope the working program comes soon since my HRM is not earning its keep since I switched to WP8 :(

  7. Jeff says:

    Damn it, I missed the deadline! :-(

  8. Olav says:

    Onko beta-testaajat jo valittu?
    Eli jos ei eilen tullut s-postia ei ole mukana?
    Kovasti odotin eilen viestiä :(…….

    • olav says:

      Jaa olihan sieltä tullutkin viesti….sorry ja kiitos..nyt testaamaan!

  9. Nick says:

    This is wonderful news! Well done ST team.

    I’ve filled out the form and would be honoured to test your app on my 1020.


  10. Tuomo says:

    Lumia 800 & Lumia 520 and ST HRM2.

  11. PJM says:

    I have had L920 one year – still using old S60/E55 for tracking purposes with HRM. Waiting for WP8 multitasking (operating also when locked). When to start testing!?

  12. John Kneale says:

    Hi, will this beta version work with WP7.8? The current version is so unreliable it’s not worth using.

    • Aarne Hakanen says:

      Hi! I would also like to no if it would work with WP7.8.

    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi, no it won’t as this is built for WP8. I’m hopeful that after we release the WP8 we’ll get some resources to update the WP7 app. Sorry for the inconvenience the app causes.

  13. Marko Vesanto says:

    I’ve used sports tracker many years and have 500 tracking. I was dissapointed after changed to wp8 cause hrm didnt was available. I like a lot program and diary so dont have to keep training diary in excel. I really want to join test group.

  14. Deric Kuan says:

    I’m active user of sports tracker. I have the Polar BT HRM. Please include me in as a beta tester.

  15. Sami says:

    Dear Katja and Sports Tracker Team

    You have to let me be one of the testers. I loved the app on Symbian, but now with WP8 I haven’t used it more than a twice. I’ve been waiting this like kids wait for Xmas. I already applied, but just wanted to give you an ultimatum…

  16. hellha says:

    will new wp8 app work with Polar H7 belt ?
    I have Polar watch and bicycle computer , H7 is supposed to support those and bluetooth at the same time. Polar web site mentions support for Apple products only.

    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi, no that’s a Smart belt and at least to begin with, the app supports only BT2.

  17. Tommy Lindegaard says:

    I have a Polar bluetooth (3.0?) HRM monitor, will that Work? Either way, I’ll happily help.

    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi, Polar Wearlink with Bluetooth (BT2) should work, maybe that’s what you have?

  18. penttijm says:

    Been waiting… Used S60 for tracking as far.

  19. Ari says:

    Valmiina testiin

  20. Jarkko says:

    Mukana ollaan mielellään :)

  21. Pieter Malan says:

    I am keen to help. Have been using ST for many years, on various devices. I am involved with mobile development, so i might be able to add good value. Use the app 4times per week. Using nokia 820.

  22. Mikko Kemppainen says:

    Count me in! I’ve been waiting for this for ages.

  23. mike Oravec says:

    I would love to participate in the beta. Being an early user of sports tracker when it came out in 2007 for my Nokia N95, then to my N8 and last year my Nokia 808 pureview. Now I have started to use the new Nokia Lumia 1020. I use the app frequently and even upload to the site. Since the summer I have taken a break, but now with this incentive to give feedback it will give me the right motivation to get off my back and go outside. I do various activities such as running, hiking, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. I am also very good with computers and not scared of beta programs. I would also love to test out the hrm along with the app. Any chance I could purchase it at cost?

  24. rubenyayu says:

    Hi,i´m interesting in test the new app. I was from the beginning using yours and I have your cardio pulsor. But I change 3 month a go to the runtastic for only one thing that I recomand you…: Follow to me in real time from the pc.

    I make personal challenge on the water and is great that service. If you have I come again. Thanks.

  25. Albert McCausland says:

    I can’t wait to try it. My pics don’t post now stop maybe with the new version they will.

    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Albert, unfortunately they won’t as that’s not a bug. We just haven’t added that feature. I’m hopeful we’ll add it at some point, but this one won’t have it.

  26. Niloy Guha says:


    I want to participate. Please send me the link.


    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Niloy, please apply on the link provided in the text.

  27. Mika says:


    I’ve got two Polar BT belts ( Is it now so, that this model is not supported?

    Long waited for WP8 heart rate support, as belts work perfectly with Symbian devices.

    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      No that should work as well, you’re welcome to test:)

      • saamp0 says:

        Excellent! I also have Polar BT HRM and I already applied. Now just waiting mail for testing…


      • Stanislav says:

        I have Polar WearLink®+ transmitter with Bluetooth®. Invite me pls. :)

  28. Janne Koskinen says:

    nice to get wp8 version finally

  29. dubs says:

    I want to test.
    Please send the link for Download.

    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi, thanks for the interest. You need to apply on the link provided in the text.