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Sports Tracker for WP8 now available

23 December 2013 Press Releases, Releases, Windows Phone 74 Comments

EDIT: Unfortunately we faced major unexpected issues when updating from older Sports Tracker versions and had to unpublish the release. Instead of updating the app, please install the Sports Tracker HRM Beta app to get your HR training started (the app is the exact same one as the one that was published, but will install as a separate app). We will fix the update issues after Christmas and release a new version as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Ho ho ho! It’s Christmas time so we decided to surprise our users with a brand new Sports Tracker app for WP8! And yes, it supports heart rate monitoring. Get your app here (please note it can take a few hours for all countries to have it)!

Sports Tracker for Windows Phone 8

Sports Tracker for Windows Phone 8 has the same well known features as the previous WP7 version. We’ve made sure the app works in background and the great news is that this version also supports heart rate monitoring! So now you can track your workouts with our Sports Tracker hrm1 and Sports Tracker hrm2. Get yours from our online store.


  • Tracking
    • Distance
    • Duration
    • Speed
    • Average speed and pace
    • Max speed
    • Energy spent (kCal)
  • Heart rate monitoring (requires a belt)
  • Training diary with weekly view for workout data analysis
  • Diary sync to service for further analysis
  • Sharing of workouts to Facebook, Twitter and the Sports Tracker community

Known issues

As we wanted to get the app out as soon as possible, we couldn’t include all features that are available in our other apps. The development is ongoing and we’ll try to make the app even better going forward.

We’re also aware of some bugs at this point:

  • We haven’t tested enough the heart rate monitors with the Nokia Lumia 1520. At this point we can’t guarantee it works, but we’ll continue testing.
  • The app doesn’t work with Polar Wearlink with Bluetooth. Unfortunately beta testing revealed problems with the connection so we have to continue testing before we can add the support.
  • Average speed not shown
  • Some users have been experiencing sync issues
  • GPS is enabled in indoor mode

Next steps:

  • Bug fixes (to the above)
  • Heart rate alarms (upper and lower limits)

If you find any bugs or have feedback on the app, please contact our support.

Download Sports Tracker for Windows Phone 8 now!

wpscreenshot wpscreenshotnumbertwo

Happy Tracking!

Team Sports Tracker



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74 Responses on “Sports Tracker for WP8 now available”

  1. Bernd says:

    WP 8, Version
    Starting a new workout I have to configure each time the activity and the auto stop parameters!
    This is definitely a step back from earlier version.
    The program should remember the last activity and the auto stop configuration in connection with activity should be configurable once for all workouts – just as it used to be in the past.
    I love ST but it’s time to switch to the better alternative…what a pity!!!

  2. Simon says:

    No reply to my first comment – hopefully you reply now.

    I can’t get my Lumia 920 to work with my BT HRM. I bought one from SportsTracker the day they were first released in July 2010. It connects to my phone but the app can’t connect to it. Is my HRM one that isn’t compatible yet but will be in the future?

    Kiitos Paljon

    T: Simon

  3. Nick says:

    Thanks Katja.

    I sent an email request for support a couple of days ago but haven’t heard anything since.

    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Sorry for the delay, my colleague will answer to you today.

  4. Alan says:


    I’ve just installed a WP8 Black on my Lumia 925.

    I have a Polar HRM with BT Smart.

    I’ve installed ST(23rd Dec 2013).

    I can not see the a Polar HRM from my BT Settings, and therefore I can nit connect it to ST.

    Any ideas, anyone?

    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Alan, as the blog post says, only our own belts work with our WP app at the moment. It doesn’t support smart belts.

      • Luuseri says:

        Dear Katja, do you know if the support for Polar Wearlink HRM belt will be added to the future version of Sports Tracker?

        • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

          Hi, unfortunately it’s unsure at the moment as we haven’t been able to get it working. We’ll inform about this once we know better whether it can be fixed or not.

  5. Latwis says:

    Sorry but this message is written in finnish.

    Käytössäni on Lumia 1520 ja ST ja ST sykevyö ensimmäinen versio. Käytän lisäksi lenkillä Nokian bh-505 BT kuulokkeita. Sykevyö toimii hyvin, ja kaikki tiedot kerääntyy hyvin puhelimeen, kcal kulutus tuntuu kyllä isommalta kuin esim Nokia N9 versiossa ohjelmasta.

    Ainut suurempi ongelma on se, että synkronointi ei toimi. Kun painan tallenna ja synkkaa, niin ohjelma kaatuu. Ohjelmaa ei enää löydy nuoli taaksepäin napilla (edes pitkään painamalla ilmestyvästä “moniajo” valikosta sitä ei enää löydy). Harjoituksen tiedot ovat kyllä edelleen puhelimen muistissa.

  6. Nick says:

    I’ve braved the elements with man flu to test the app out.

    It works well, heart rate measurements seems accurate and gps has been fine for me on a couple of separate routes.

    It would be great to have graph data to help analyse and compare results. Voice feedback would also be great. Split times would also be welcome.

    These features are already available on other platforms and WP8 needs them too.

    Good start, looking forward to improvements.


    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Nick, thanks for the feedback. Happy to hear it works well. Let’s see what we can do to improve the app even further:). Happy tracking!

      • Nick says:

        Thanks Katja.

        Could you tell me what are the differences between HRM1 and HRM2 please? What improvements and benefits does the newer monitor over the original one please?

        As I mentioned in one of my earlier replies, I currently use HRM1 which seems to work well but I’ve been thinking about getting HRM2 for a while but not sure if there is any point unless there is a significant difference.

        Also, it’s kinda pricey when compared to other heart rate monitors from other manufacturers. Do Sports Tracker give any discounts to long standing, loyal customers? :)



        • Nick says:

          I’ve been having some trouble over the past couple of days to get the HRM to work with my 1020. It seemed to work fine for the first few sessions but it just doesn’t want to connect anymore.

          I’ve tried deleting the connection in Bluetooth settings but then I have to wait for ages to be able to pair it again as my phone doesn’t see the HRM at first. I’ve tried rebooting the phone, disabling and re-enabling Bluetooth and wifi (tried this as I recall there was an occasional bug on Symbian which seemed to be caused by Bluetooth and wifi) and after a while, I’m able to pair again. However, even after pairing again, the Sports Tracker app sometimes doesn’t connect to the HRM.

          Little disappointed but I understand that this is the first proper release for WP8 so there will be some teething troubles.

          Is there anything I can try to make the connection more stable please?



  7. Nick says:

    This is excellent news!

    I was wondering what happened to the beta testing program as I received the first email but haven’t heard anything since. I thought I’d check the blog for any news and was really pleased to find the news.

    HRM1 paired up without any problems but I haven’t had a chance to fully test the app as yet as I have man flu. Not just any man flu, but this is a particularly nasty strain. I’m suffering for mankind so that a vaccine can be found fast :)

    As soon as I am well enough, I will run a half marathon purely for testing purposes!

    A couple of things I have noticed are…

    The app needs a full wide live tile.

    Also, would it be possible to sync existing workouts from the server please?

    Thanks ST…Happy New Year!

    Nick :)

  8. joukoj says:

    Lumia 625 ei wörki paria sekkaa kauemmin heart beltin kera???, et N8 kera lenkille jos sykkeitä tsekkaa!

  9. Matias says:

    I have Lumia 920 and using the “old” Sports-Tracker (version 1.3). Why I should change to this WP8-version? The old one is working pretty fine, except that GPS stops sometimes (works better if you check now and from ST that where you are at the moment).
    Also if you happen to answer your phone during excercise then the GPS will definetialy stop. :/

    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi, you just said yourself why you should change:). The WP7 app that you have doesn’t support multitasking as the os doesn’t allow it.

  10. Gert-Jan says:

    I got a HRM2 hart rate belt at Christmas and immediately installed the most recent version of Sports Tracker (V1.0.1.4) on my Lumia 920. I used the app together with the HRM2 during three excersizes and it works perfectly. BlueTooth connection is stable and the results are synchronized to the server every time. So up until now I am really satisfied (GPS is still on during indoor activities, but that’s a minor issue)!
    What I am wondering though is why I cannot install the mobile version on my Lumia 920? It requires Adobe FlashPlayer, which for some very strange reason isn’t available for Window Phones. As a result I always need to wait until I reach my laptop (iPad doesn’t support FlashPlayer either for known reasons) to analyze the excersize results. Does anyone have some tip how to access my excersize results on the Sports Tracker server from my Windows Phone?

  11. Jarkko says:

    Facebook – jako vielä puuttuu(?). Ilmeisesti tulossa piakkoin kun ohjelman esittelytekstissä niin luvataan(?)

    • Matti says:

      Hyvin pelittää, Lumia 920 ja HRM2. Fb jakokin toimii. Reilu kymmenen käyttökertaa takana eikä yhteys katkennut kertaakaa.

    • Simo says:


      Facebook-jako tulee tarjolle kun yhdistät tilisi ensin Facebookin kanssa webissä.

      T: Simo / Team Sports-Tracker

      • Harri says:


        Netissä on yhdistetty sekä Facebookkiin että Twitteriin ja jako toimii molempiin. Puhelin ei tarjoa jako vaihtoehdoksi kumpaakaan. Luuri on Lumia 820.

  12. Ari says:

    STM HRM11.01 yhteys katkeaa muutaman sekunnin kuluttua kytkeytymisestä, niin Lumia 1020:llä kuin 920:llä.
    Jos HRM kytkeytyykin uudelleen muutaman kerran, niin syke ryntää suuriin lukemiin, laskeutuen siitä hitaasti alaspäin, kunnes yhteys taas katkeaa.
    Purkautuisiko tuossa uudelleen kytkeytyessä vanhaa dataa puskurista?
    Asetuksien bluetooth listasta havaittavissa sama yhteysongelma (ilman varsinaista st ohjelmaa). Näpäyttämällä laitetta listalta, yhteys muodostuu ja katkeaa sitten muutaman sekunnin kuluttua.
    Joka tapauksessa tällaisenaan sykemittaus on täysin käyttökelvoton.

    Ominaisuuksien puolesta symbian toteutukseen on myös vielä matkaa, mutta kunhan nyt tuon kauan odotetun sykemittauksen saisi toimimaan luotettavasti, niin muitakin ominaisuuksia jaksaisi hieman odotella.

    Kaksi Lumia puhelinta jo ostettu ja silti käytän lenkilläni vielä N8:a…

    • Ari says:

      Olisiko niin, että tämä Bluetooth vaatii toimiakseen GDR3 (Lumia Black) pävityksen, jota ei vielä meillä Suomessa ole saatavilla?

    • Toinen Ari says:

      tänään tuli BETA-testailtua ja Lumia 1020+HRM11.01 pelittää kuin junanvessa mutta iWearLinkin kanssa yhteys katkeaa muutaman sekunnin jälkeen–> ei pysty käyttämään
      HRM11.01 toimii myös moniajossa loistavasti :)

      • Junan vessa says:

        Junan vessatkin toimiin nykyään kuulemma miten sattuu.
        Kyllähän tuo yhteys “näyttää pysyvän” koko lenkin ajan, mutta lukemat on ihan puuta heinää.
        Yritäpä mitata leposykettäsi tai käy kunnon lenkki ja tarkastele sitä sykekäyrää. Ei normaalissa sykekäyrässä ole yks kaks kymmenien pulssien heittoja suuntaan ja toiseen kesken tasaisen puurtamisen, vaan kyllä se melkoisen tasaista viivaa puskee.

        Kummallisen paljon näitä vikoja ihmisillä tuntuu esiintyvän. Toivottavasti itse anturit eivät osoittaudu ongelman lähteeksi.

    • Ari says:

      Ilokseni täytyy nyt sanoa, että sama kokoonpano (Lumia 1020, ST v1.0.1.4 ja HRM 11.01) toimi nyt ensimmäisen kerran ihan hyvin. 10 km juoksulenkillä pari ensimmäistä kilometriä sykevyö ei ollut ihan mukana, mutta sen jälkeen käppyrä näyttää ihan järkevältä.
      Ehkä se alkukilometrien toimimattomuuskin/yhteyden katkelu meneekin kuivahkojen kumisten elektrodien piikkiin (vaikka olikin kyllä kostutettu).
      Eiköhän tämä tästä vielä iloksi muutu :)

      Takana on jo yli 20000 km nautinnollista Symbian kilometriä vuodesta 2009 lähtien. Kiitos niistä!
      Toivottavasti WP sovellus tarjoaa vähintään toisen mokoman lisää. Vielä kun saadaan vähän ominaisuuksia lisää joitakin pieniä fiksauksia niin eihän sitä malta kotona istuskella.

      • Ari says:

        Lumia Black päivityksen jälkeen sykkeen mittaus tuntuisi toimivan (Lumia 1020, ST v1.0.1.4 ja HRM 11.01).
        Yhteys ei katkeile, lukemat ei ryntäile ja sykekäyrä tuntuu seuraavan herkästi kuormituksen muutoksia, kuten pitääkin.

  13. Annette says:

    En saa sykevyötä toimimaan lumia 820:lla. Bluetooth kyllä löytää HRM2:n, mutta yhteys säilyy vain muutaman sekunnin. Sports tracker versioni on tuo Missähän mättää.. En enää malttaisi odottaa päästä testaamaan.

  14. Dulin says:

    Yea, as others I am waiting with my Polar belt and old Nokia5800 to switch to my new Lumia 920 finally to start using durnig my runs.
    Fix it please, we have been waiting for it so long.
    All the best in NY!

  15. Ari says:

    Finally for Lumia. Egarly went testing and noticed after 2km that GPS is not trackig but HR is working.
    Checked that GPS was on all the time, then restarted the program and GPS started to work.
    Should be some kind of indication on main window that GPS tracking is active.

  16. ville says:

    This is good news, I stopped using ST when changed to Lumia. Now, please give same analysis capability as with Android. And please allow downloading the Android app to tablets, like Nexus 7. Not for exercise, but for looking at the data.



  17. Pekka says:

    Harjoitus katoaa, jos käy päävalikossa ja palaa ST pikakuvakkeen kautta sovellukseen. Ei katoa, jos palaa “paluunuolella” edelliseen sovellukseen.

    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Hei Pekka, mikä puhelin ja mikä sovellusversio sinulla on käytössä?

      • Pekka says:

        Sports Trackerin latasin juuri uuden tämän blogin linkistä. Versio näyttää olevan 1.3 puhelin on Nokia Lumia 920.

        • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

          Ok kiitos tiedosta, raportoin eteenpäin. Mukavaa joulun jatkoa!

          • Pekka says:

            Ihmettelin tuota ST versionumeroa ja poistin sovelluksen ja latasin sen uudelleen suoraan sovelluskaupasta. Nyt toimii ok ja versio on Ilmeisesti blogin linkki vei jostain syystä väärään versioon?

  18. Veli-Matti says:


    I hope you can solve the connection problem with Polar wear link and be able to release update soon. Really waiting for it.

    • Cagri says:

      I’m waiting on this solution too. Polar Wearlink worked perfectly fine with my Nokia N8, but it doesn’t work with Lumia 1020. I hope you guys can fix the connection issue.

  19. Jarkko says:

    Damn, no support for Polar Wearlink with Bluetooth… Hopefully you can fix the connection problems.

  20. Simon Darney says:


    I purchased HRM in June/July 2011 the day it came out. I can connect it to my Lumia 920 but when I search for it through the app I’m told belt not found. I’ve got St version 1.3 and Any tips? Much appreciated!


  21. juan says:

    Después de un año de espera la aplicación para WP8 es muy mala,lamentable, es una copia exacta de la anterior de WP7,le faltan cosas como unos gráficos de altura y velocidad,en todas las plataformas esta menos en WP7 y 8, Me repito, después de un año de espera esto es una tomadura de pelo

  22. Ben says:

    Thank you so much !

    You can’t imagine how long I’ve been waiting fo this ! More than a year and a half !!

    If you need beta tester for the Polar Wearlink with Bluetooth support (Lumia 1020), Count me in ! (never used since I bought it a year ago, it’s why I need ST to support it….)

    Next step is the new HTML website with the new layout.

    If you could make a little post on the blog with an ETA (PLEASE, give us an ETA !), some informations on the state, pics, it would help tp rekindle the flame of all your fans. Because it starts to be so so so looooong for us !

    Couldn’t you provide beta access to the new site ?

    Cheers and Merry Christmas to all ST staff.

    A fan.

  23. Tom Roedig says:

    I think there is an Error in the New WP8 ST-App, if you are start tracking your workout your gps counts as usual … But if you open the “large” map, ST suddenly stops following you with the gps Signal, everything stops. Please check this only if the map is enlarged!!!!

    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Tom, ok thanks for the feedback, we’ll check this. Happy Holidays!

  24. Albert McCausland says:

    I hope they, all the windows phone users, enjoy the app as much as we all do.

  25. Cranky says:

    Bla bla bla you can’t download the app in this region because somebody still really-really likes these artificial region restrictions. I know You warned about this, and I’m not blaming You (yet?) but this kind of segregation sucks donkey balls. I sincerely hope that Americans would one day feel the sharp end of this stick and MAYBE, just MAYBE realise how much it sucks… Oh well, one can dream.


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