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The biggest Android update of the summer is out!

16 July 2014 Android, News, Releases 56 Comments

Sports Tracker for Android got an exciting update yesterday with the release of version 3.1.

All Android users can now enjoy 14 new activity types from trail running to swimming and soccer. Among the new additions are also some rarer picks – Nordic walking, anyone? Our free app also adds voice feedback support for French, Italian and Portuguese, and introduces hybrid and terrain maps along with automatic map rotation.

Premium trackers will be thrilled to know that Ghost now talks! You’ll hear voice feedback for Ghost Target together with lap info. To change the frequency, simply change your lap setting. We also introduce new map types to ST Premium: OpenStreetMap standard, landscape, outdoors and cycling (OpenCycleMap) allow you to discover detailed foot and bike paths. To use these maps offline, browse the desired areas beforehand when connected to the internet.











Update your Sports Tracker now and as always, share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Detailed change log for 3.1

  • Voice feedback for Ghost Target (Premium)
  • OSM, OCM, landscape and outdoors maps (Premium)
  • 14 new activity types (ball games, climbing, fitness class, gym, horseback riding, motorsports, nordic walking, skateboarding, ski touring, snowboarding, soccer, swimming, trail running, watersports)
  • Google Maps improvements: hybrid and terrain modes, automatic map rotation
  • Voice feedback support for French, Italian and Portuguese

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


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56 Responses on “The biggest Android update of the summer is out!”

  1. Daniela says:

    Is there a way to use even under Windows Phone, the Open Street Map.

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Daniela, I’m afraid not. OSM is available on Android and shortly on iPhone as well.

  2. Nicholas says:

    It seems my post has been removed. Nice.

    I wanted to know when you will add to the Android version of the app the same support for SMART bluetooth heart monitors other than your own. This is already in the iPhone version off your app. My monitor works fine on my employers iPhone 4 but not on my xperia z2 running Android 4.4.2.

    • Thomas says:

      I wanted to ask same question. I really like your app (I tested different one recently because I’m a new runner) but i will change because your not compatible with my monitor.
      On your FAQ you say “Our Android app version 2.5.2 (released on April 28, 2014) introduced support for our HRM SMART belt. This means our Android users can now use both the HRM2 and HRM SMART belt together with Sports Tracker app. For more information on our heart rate monitors, visit our online shop.

      We are considering extending the support for all Smart belts in the future. For all news on this, keep an eye on our blog, Facebook and Twitter. ”

      Now it’s version 3.1….but still blocked



      • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

        Hi Thomas, we’re sorry that this has been postponed. We’ll share any updates on this here in our blog and also on FB and Twitter.

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Nicholas, the support is under consideration. We’ll post about any updates on this here in our blog and also on FB and Twitter.

  3. Miro says:

    When will heart rate alarms be added to Android version? I bought the sports tracker hrm over a year ago thinking that android has hr alarms as iPhone version did. The HRM is next to useless without alarms.

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Miro, the timeframe for adding heart rate alarms and heart rate zones is still open. I’ll forward your feedback to our development team, let’s hope we can add those features soon in the future. Cheers, Vilma

      • Miro says:

        In the meantime I think it should be clearly stated on the store page that such an essential feature is still missing. I’m seriously considering switching to another tracking software.

  4. Tuomo says:

    Nice changes. I have just one question. When we’ll see those brand new Android icons on your web site also? For example, all my ‘Gym’ workouts are listed as ‘Other6’ on my

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hey Tuomo, the new sports will be visible on our new website that is currently in beta testing. Sit tight! :)

  5. Abhishek Verma says:


    Thanks for the update, but I’m facing some problem now that I haven’t faced it before:
    My workouts show as 0 Calories and is not considering automatically. Before this bug was not there. Kindly help me out with it.


    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Abhishek! Can you check that your personal settings (gender, age, weight) are correct? They may sometimes be reset when updating, sorry about that.

      • Abhishek Verma says:

        Thanks! Problem solved. I appreciate for your replies to every comment. Keep it up.

  6. Charlie says:

    I was excited to see the new Activity icons on my cell-phone (long time coming). I used the “Gym” icon yesterday for my weight training. However, when I uploaded to the website, the icon came up as “6”! Also, the “6” did not reflect my heart rate chart. When I changed the icon to “Indoor”, which is what I have been using for weight training while waiting for the new icons, the heart rate chart appeared!

    In this regard, when can we expect the new Activity Icons to transition to the website?

    In case you need to know, I am using a Samsung-SM-G730A model and Android 4.2.2.


    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Charlie, the new sports will be available in our new HTML5 website that is currently in beta testing. We hope to release it as soon as possible :)

  7. Alberto says:

    This version breaks compatibility with BlackBerry 10 as it requires google services and bb10 runtime does not have them. I was using the previous version and except for the heart rate monitor not functioning, it was working great. I know you have a native BB10 app but its useless as its not been updated. Could you please patch the app so that if it does not find google play services it still runs on BB10? Either that or update the native blackberry 10 app. Thank you.

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Alberto, I’m afraid our Android app is only guaranteed to work with Android devices :/

  8. FXLefebvre says:

    Hi there,

    looks like new version is using far much battery then olders on my Nexus 5.

    25% for a 1h30 workout. Before it would use this for a 3hours workout !

    FX Lefebvre

  9. Brona says:

    Hi, enjoying the new version of yours. Funny enough new icons are available only in the Android App, but not in your website. Am I missing something?

    I have changed all my workouts as running into trail running using my mobile phone. But I cannot see new icons on your website. There is only “Other6”. Simillar with swimming.

    Keep on a good work, you are brilliant! :)

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Brona, the new sports will be available in our new HTML5 based website that is currently in beta testing and hopefully released to everyone in the next few weeks.

  10. Pawel says:


    I have some problem with my Xperia Arc and Sports-Tracker. From time to time I got phone reboot during session. Is there a possibility to check is it a problem with app? Can I find some logs?

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Pawel, please drop us a mail via our Support Center and we’ll look into this. Cheers, Vilma

  11. Antti says:


    Nice work. BTW, is there any progress in the batch export of workouts? It would be really nice to be able to export all my 800+ workouts once in XML to do some statistics.

    Best regards,

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hey Antti, I’m afraid that’s still work in progress. We’ll post about any updates on this here in our blog and also on Facebook/Twitter.

  12. Anton says:

    I like sports tracker. New functions is really good. But I have a some questions:
    1) I paid a premium account from my tab but I cannot get premium functions in my phone. I reistall sports tracker on my phone, relogin and premium functions is not available yet.
    2) Do you have plans to redesing a website?

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Anton! Thanks for your comment. We actually have a new website in beta testing now and we hope to release it in the next few weeks. As for your Premium problem please drop us a mail to support(at), and we’ll help you out. Thanks!

  13. Patrik says:

    Is it possible to make Sports Tracker filter abnormal GPS signal peaks from imported GPX files?
    For example, when Polar GPX files are imported, Sports Tracker can show 200 km/h peaks and the line charts will scale very small (when average speed is around 30 km/h).
    Perhaps there could be a user selectable limiter (e.g. 70 km/h), or a script that compares and cuts very short time abnormal readings.

  14. Robert says:


    When can we expect to have auto pause, that can also be set to 10 Km/h, 15 Km/h and 20 Km/h (for cycling).

    Sometimes GPS signal goes crasy when I am taking a break with cycling. More options with auto pause would be very helpfull. Thanks.

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Robert! Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll forward it to our developers for further consideration.

  15. gabrieletonarelli says: sport tracker doesn’t sincronize my workout!!is this only a temporary bug? thank you!!!

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi! Sorry to hear about that. If this only happened once it may be a random syncing error that we unfortunately can’t fix afterwards :/ Sorry about that. Luckily these only take place rarely, possibly due to network problems. If you experience this often, please drop us a mail and we’ll see if we can help you out: Cheers, Vilma

  16. ArtemL2110 says:

    In last version this programm had “GPS filtering” and I could sow my max speed when I ran short sprints adout 30-50 metres. In new version GPS filtering is absent and I can not sow my max speed (I am runnig 50 metres and this programm show my only 15 km/h). I wan t GPS filtering in this programm, because I use it above 3 years!

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi! Did you perhaps use an old version of the app? GPS filtering was removed from our Android app about a year ago. I’m afraid it’s not in our plans to bring it back in the future. Sorry about that.

  17. Vyacheslav says:

    Unfortunately button “TAG MORE FRIENDS” (on the site) is not working.

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi! We’re working on a new website and due to low interest this feature has been disabled for now. Sorry about that.

  18. lukaskp says:

    Glad for the ghost target voice feedback – works phenomenally. Thanks for that Guys!
    Unfortunately I’m still experiencing the problem with GPX file upload (track imported but deformed – in certain point shifted by N kilometres in X or Y direction while in other apps import works correctly) and AFAIK a lots of people do. I have even bought the PRO version to get the follow route function but this particular bug is forcing me to look for another alternative as I simply can’t use the APP properly for that purpose. Any chance of fixing this issue? Will gladly provide you with inputs to simulate the problem easily. ;)

  19. Lucas says:

    Lo actualice y me obligaba a tener instalado Google Play que ocupa mucho espacio en mi smarphone así que sintiéndolo mucho lo he tenido que desinstalar y pasarme a endomondo

  20. Diniz says:

    Looks good so far. Is there also upcoming an on hold/resume function? For example when I need to change the battery of my phone or when it crashes for some reason. For example, i have my phone on my handle bars and maybe because of too much bouncing I got a SD card error and it crashed.


    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi Diniz, we hope to add autosave in the future. Cheers, Vilma

      • Diniz says:

        I really can’t wait, first time today the new version crashed. I wanted to check the map what I do sometimes to get the right direction. This time only an overview of the whole world appeared and it crashed. I showed text something like “oops, looks like sport tracker has hiccups! Want to send a report?” What I did ofcourse. Awful.

  21. Mauri says:

    Still no support for Polar H7 :-((

  22. Fredrik says:

    Have an Samsung S4 gps stopped working after last release. Map never finds your location.what do you do to get it working again. Seems to be some kind of compilation error

  23. Irek Tur says:

    Nice, but still no icon KITESURFING :(

    • Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

      Hey Irek, I’ll add this to our wish list!

  24. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker says:

    Hey Thorsten, I’ll get back to you via email! :) -Vilma

  25. Thorsten says:

    Edit: I just did a little test and the voice-feedback is still useless to me as I can’t press the lap-button while biking/cycling.

  26. Thorsten says:

    Nice. As there hasn’t been a changelog in the google play store I didn’t know that voice-feedback for ghost targets is working now. I might try that later this day. But where can I change the lap settings? And is it working just for laps (A->A) or for A->B too?

    OSM and OCM are a great addition too.