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New Android version out with Chinese language support

11 March 2015 Android, Releases 11 Comments

We’re happy to announce that Sports Trackers can now enjoy our Android app also in Chinese language, available both in simplified and traditional.

In order to get it, just use your phone’s language in Chinese and the app will automatically choose the correct one.

device-2015-03-11-153636 device-2015-03-11-153737 device-2015-03-11-153820


Other recent updates up to the latest 3.6.27 version:

  • improved indoor support for Speed and Cadence sensor – now you get the speed and cadence also when working out without gps connection
  • possibility to add images after a workout

And don’t miss out on our 15-day free Premium-version trial! Just subscribe and get 15-days for free. You can cancel anytime during the trial period with no cost for you. Although we’re pretty sure you’ll get hooked with the great features like adding a goal and setting a ghost target. They will for sure motivate you to train even harder.

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


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11 Responses on “New Android version out with Chinese language support”

  1. frei says:

    You home website could`t open up in China. Just stuck in some page when you open it every times.

  2. Roberto says:

    ho un samsung s3 neo,versione sport trckersempre aggiornata.tutto ok ma mi segnala sempre una velocità massima esagerata nelle passeggiate xon i miei rollerblade dice che ho raggiunto velocita 180km/h…nelle versioni precedenti stessi persorsi velocità max 35/45km/h….potete veriverificare? ???

  3. says:

    I use ST for three years. Sports tracker was wonderful Before….but after install the Chinese version, problem happens. Auto stop the recording. If it happens again, i better stop to use it.

    • Katja/ team Sports Tracker says:

      Hi, please install the latest version 3.7.12 as that was a problem that was fixed a few versions ago.

  4. Antonino says:

    Con z3compact lollipop 5.02, l ‘applicazione con questo aggiornamento è tornata molto indietro. Adesso la fascia cardio non viene riconosciuta sempre e quando viene riconosciuta dopo pochi secondi si scollega, il feeedback audio adesso non si sente più con nessuna distanza impostata, la pausa automatica sotto i 2 o i 5 km\h non funziona bene e durante l’utilizzo la velocità istantanea non è più quella reale, poi la distanza totale èsegnata è molto di più di quella reale ogni 2 km effettuati ne segna 3km e per uno che pratica come attività corsa è molto la differenza segnata, anche la posizione che viene visualizzata sulla mappa dal gps si aggiorna sempre a scatti come se non vede la posizione effettiva. E pensare che ero quasi deciso a passare alla versione a pagamento , ma visto i vari problemi della versione base penso che non sia conveniente spendere dei soldi per avere un app che adesso con ultimo aggionamento non fa quasi piu niente bene.

  5. NIKOS says:


    I am using Sports-tracker with a Samsung Galaxy S4 for about 1 year, it worked fine, but during the past March it doesn’t tracks the distance and speed for about the first 10 minutes, after 10 minutes it starts tracking distance and speed.

    Usually the problem was fixed by rebooting the phone, but now even with reboot the problem is not solved

    I have updated with the latset version. S4 is updated with Android 5.0, but the problem appeared when I had Android 4.4.2
    GPS works fine with Google Maps.

  6. Håkan Briggner says:

    Since the last update the Androidapp sucks! When compared to my other phone (WP 8.1) it counts all wrong.
    Todays walk is 10 minutes short compared to start/stop time…

  7. 好吧,听起来不错,所以15天免费试用版后,有多少是应用程序?我有一个健身博客,这可能是我的东西的游客会感兴趣的 托马斯·特拉威克

  8. c3h6 says:


  9. flyge says:

    Thanks for fixing the quite awkward UI experience on entering workout data (the time/date) manually!

  10. c3h6 says: