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Introducing Sports Tracker

Helping you train better since 2004

Sports Tracker is an award-winning application and online service developed by a passionate team of outdoor sports enthusiasts and mobile experts, in cooperation with our users.

We’re on a mission here: we want to help people train better, connect through sports, and live healthier, happier lives. And we want to do this using mobile phones: the fact is, after all, that most outdoor enthusiasts already have sports computers their pockets in the form of smartphones – those gadgets just need to be activated with the right application.

By joining the Sports Tracker service and downloading the free application to your smartphone, you’ll launch your training to a whole new level. Easily track and analyze your exercises and have fun training by sharing your workouts and photos with your friends and other similar-minded people via the Sports Tracker community, Facebook and Twitter. You’ll enjoy monitoring the development of your progress like never before.


A bit about our background

We started Sports Tracker in 2004 while working at Nokia. Our application was the first of its kind for mobile phones, so we can safely say the we’re the category founder in our field. Our original vision was to come up with an easy and fun training application that would help people train better and connect them with each other.

Back then there were no phones with GPS, no smart phones, no Google maps. But like runners preparing for a marathon, we knew that if we’d just sweat it out, we’d reach our goal.

And here we are ten years later on our own (after a successful spin-off from Nokia). As of today, after millions of downloads and with an ever-increasing group of active trackers worldwide, we’re still the same sports enthusiasts and mobile geeks ourselves who want to carry on developing Sports Tracker and help people train better and enjoy themselves.

Keep on tracking!

Team Sports Tracker