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Quick progress update from Sports Tracker team

Android,iPhone,News,Releases,Web Service,Windows Phone,Work in Progress (WIP) 4 December 2013 60 Comments

We’ve been really busy here at the Sports Tracker office as you’ve probably noticed from the lack of frequent blog updates, sorry for that! But here’s what we’ve been up to and what’s happening next: Android: We’re super excited to announce that the new version 2.0. is now available in Google Play store ! The app […]

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Update on the backend work/ service break

News,Releases,Work in Progress (WIP) 26 September 2013 84 Comments

The work on the new backend is progressing nicely. We have gradually started to open our service since yesterday evening, so some of you are already able to access it through the phone. By the end of today the service will be available to all of you. We are first opening the mobile access and […]

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New servers and expected service breaks

News,Releases,Web Service,Work in Progress (WIP) 24 September 2013 62 Comments

For the past months we’ve been busy building a new backend (servers and databases, that is) for Sports Tracker. As Sports Tracker has become more and more popular, our old servers just couldn’t handle the huge amount of users we have today. The new backend system will be taken into use today and tuned for […]

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Android Beta – looking for new testers!

Android,Releases,Work in Progress (WIP) 30 April 2013 85 Comments

Our beta testers have been eagerly testing the new, completely rebuilt, version of our Android app. We’ve been really satisfied with the testing, so now we’d like to open it up to a whole bunch of you. We’re especially looking for you with full HD phones as well as our heart rate monitor users. Others […]

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Dearest Diary: A Quick Progress Update

Work in Progress (WIP) 2 October 2012 74 Comments

Quick progress update on all fronts! Team stress levels up to 167% (conservative estimate) as we get closer and closer to launching all kinds of fun stuff :) New Website Diary Layout Up for Review Next up for review is the new Diary view. We already posted it to our Development Community last Friday but […]

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Open Heart Surgery: Revamping Sports Tracker

News,Work in Progress (WIP) 24 August 2012 86 Comments

A lot of you have been asking for more transparency to the development of Sports Tracker and rightly so. We’ve been busy recruiting and ramping up a killer team to take the development of our service and apps to the next level and in the process have not been as active as we should have […]

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