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Improve your outdoor training with detailed maps!

Community 20 May 2016 Comments Off on Improve your outdoor training with detailed maps!

We all have routines. They help structure everyday life, provide direction, and reduce the need to make decisions – whether that’s the order we put our clothes on, the time we go to bed, or the route we take when working out. It’s not that routine and habits aren’t important, in fact we recently shared […]

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Hey, guess what: we’re only getting started…

News 27 October 2015 83 Comments

Wow. It may not look like it, we’ve had a bunch of crazy few months. As most of you know, in May we got acquired by Amer Sports, a major milestone in the Sports Tracker history that was incredibly well received, and as you can imagine we haven’t stopped since then. In fact, you could […]

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Windows Phone update with fixes and support for German

Releases,Windows Phone 17 January 2012 76 Comments

Here’s a little something for all you Windows Phone -trackers out there :) Windows Phone v.1.1 Addresses stability issues that caused the application randomly crash under some circumstances Fixes incorrect display of altitude data in workout tracking data view Addresses issue where some users were unable to connect the app to their account on […]

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Web service update: New media viewer, tagging, ascent/descent and more!

News,Web Service 21 November 2011 28 Comments

Thanks to the activity of our Beta-testers (thanks all for the bug reports and ideas) the new web service features are now up on! See below for the full list and give them a spin :) New features and changes Workouts New Media Viewer: Bigger picture size, picture descriptions, picture commenting, sharing of pictures to […]

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App updates galore!

Android,iPhone,Nokia Symbian,Releases 5 October 2011 43 Comments

In addition to working on the upcoming Meego / Nokia N9 app we have been busy tweaking the other apps as well :) We’ve launched updates for all three platforms and will also be launching a bigger update to the web service in the next week so stay tuned! Android v.1.6.0 out now with Indoor […]

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iPhone v.1.5.0 Now Available with Voice Feedback and Fixes

iPhone,Releases 28 August 2011 18 Comments

As promised the new iPhone build with voice feedback, gps signal indicator and a bunch of fixes is now available in the App Store. Check the list below for the full lowdown on what’s changed and get the update now! Updates and New Features in iPhone v.1.5.0 New features Voice feedback GPS signal indicator Improved […]

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iPhone Update & News on the Android Beta

Android,iPhone,Releases 27 June 2011 22 Comments

iPhone App Version 1.0.3 The Sports Tracker iPhone app was updated end of last week. The update features bug fixes and one new feature: Bright Day Mode for tracking. iPhone Sports Trackers can now easily switch to the Bright Day Mode while tracking to get a white background with black text for better visibility while […]

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iPhone enters Invite Only Beta + new screens and info!

iPhone,News 27 May 2011 35 Comments

The first 50 iPhone testers (yes we did add more testers as the response was so overwhelming – thank you all!) have now been contacted and they will receive the Beta build of our iPhone application today. Exciting times! The testers will report their findings to our support community so monitor that space for the first “real” […]

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Sports Tracker web service open!

News,Releases 12 August 2010 Comments Off on Sports Tracker web service open!

It’s out, Sports Tracker web service is now open! Enjoy the new data analysis and visualization tools, as well as well as new features like direct sharing to Facebook and more. Nokia Sports Tracker users, who have opted to import workouts see their whole exercising history here in the new service. Re-sync can still be […]

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